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Be ready for your photoshoot!

Here's a link to a fantastic list of what to do to get ready for professional real estate photos.  Every item on this list is important and contributes to how your photos will look online. The goal is to have your home looking clean, bright and spacious.  If you have your home completely ready when I arrive, things will go smoothly and we will get great results!

14 Englefield-10.jpg

Want more help in prepping your home? I am glad to come out ahead of time and do a staging consult.  We'll spend an hour or less on a walk-through, and I will compile a list of suggestions, including what to remove and what to add.  Remember, it's not personal - most of us are not able to live in such a way that our home is always ready for a photoshoot, including me, but I can give my unique perspective as a photographer and as someone who has staged and furnished homes for short-term rentals and sales.  I know what looks good through my wide-angle lens, as well as in person!  My fee for this service is $125. 

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